"Sometimes when you look at a build,
you truly look inside a person."

Montserrat is the place for an aesthetic Minecraft experience. Here you may turn your most risky and inspirative ideas into complex and elegant builds. Or build whatever you want without the feeling of outer judging or the unnecessary urge to conform.


Beautiful 151x151 sized plots, a full palette of 1.16.5 blocks, simple but rich command interface, unlimited brush and world edit tools, and a great community to spend time with.


Moreover, check out the Open World game mode with rich and realistic terrain. It requires at least 150 hours to research it thoroughly. More than 400 biomes, a 250 billion blocks area, unique mega sites, and hundreds of smaller buildings.

Everything you need to satisfy curiosity and strive for exploration.


Join the server at  themontserrat.net

"Build, improve, repeat.
The builds of yours, the life you live."